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Sony adds ANC for more budgets with C700 earbuds

Proving you don’t need to spend up big to get noise cancellation, Sony is set to offer yet another option for you to consider.

Too much choice is rarely a bad thing, and when it comes to hearing about new earphones and earbuds, we’re all ears. Almost literally, even.

Sony is no stranger to these offerings, and this month, there appears to be another on the way, though it’s not the follow-up to the WF-1000XM4 we’ve largely been expecting.

Rather, it seems to be a replacement for the C500 we checked out a couple of years ago, as Sony updates the offering in the IPX4 water resistant C700.

Sporting a similar design but with some updated features, Sony’s WF-C700N are familiar with some upgraded innards, upgrading to supporting active noise cancellation, wind cancellation, and an ambient hear-through mode, plus support for the Sony Headphones app like its LinkBuds S sibling.

In fact, like its siblings, it will use Sony’s Digital Sound Enhancement Engine technology to upscale the sound and allow up to two devices to be connected at the same time using Bluetooth Multipoint, something you can control in the app.

Interestingly, it doesn’t seem to offer quite the battery life of Sony’s other wireless ANC earbuds models, maxing out at 15 hours, made up of 7.5 hours in the earbuds and 7.5 in the case when using noise cancellation, basically account for one charge.

The price, however, could bring people over, with the Sony WF-C700N sort to cost just under $200 when they arrive in Australia this month in four colours: black, white, lavender, and sage green.

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