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Samsung’s next foldables set for late July

A new flipping phone and a foldable phone-tablet are expected in the weeks ahead, as Unpacked sets a date.

It might seem a little crazy, but we’re halfway through the year, and looking ahead to all the exciting tech set to appear just on the horizon.

With the first half of the year done, you can expect a new Pixel likely in October, the iPhone 15 range likely in September, and even foldable models just before both of those.

Motorola looked to be first with its recently revived Razr, but Samsung won’t be far behind, either. And right on time, the maker of the Galaxy has announced when its next Unpacked event will be, targeting a July 26 launch in Korea, which translates to July 26 in Australia.

Granted, you can expect it to be launched that night in Australia, but it means the next foldables from Samsung are barely weeks away, and possibly a wearable or two with it.

In previous years, Samsung’s mid-year Galaxy Unpacked has played host to other Samsung gadgets, including the Galaxy Watch and Galaxy Buds, so we’re expecting much the same this year, too.

As to what that entails, we’ll all just have to wait and see, but July 26 isn’t too far away, so we won’t be waiting long.

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