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Logitech’s Casa is laptop keyboard, mouse, stand in one

A keyboard, a trackpad, and a way to stand your laptop up on your desk is now available in something not much bigger than a book.

Anyone working from home has probably (hopefully) spent the past few years refining their desk and office space to where they need it to be, but there’s a chance you haven’t, or you might be new to this whole thing.

If that’s you, and if you’re the sort of person that typically likes everything wrapped in a neat little package, you might want to see a gadget idea Logitech has announced is on the way for Australia.

Essentially, it’s a concept that combines a desk stand for a laptop, a wireless keyboard, and a trackpad all in one, creating a place to store them when they’re not in use in a cute and convenient way.

The idea is called “Casa” which translates to home for a good reason: this gadget is meant for the home.

An impromptu desk of sorts made for working at home or anywhere else, the Casa Pop-Up Desk is essentially a desk in a binder book, delivering a Bluetooth trackpad and keyboard, plus a laptop stand, all in a box Logitech calls the “Casa Book”, which lets you pack everything away nicely and even store a cable or two in there, as well.

You probably shouldn’t expect the Casa keyboard and mouse to be quite on the same level as the MX Keys or MX Master mouse, but Logitech has said they support its “Options” app, so there should also be some degree of software support and customisation, as well.

The foldaway size makes it ideal to be taken with you, though it’s clear the book-like design has homes in mind, allowing you to hide this office addition in clear view while guests might be none the wiser.

Designed to be used across multiple operating systems, it’s friendly to Windows and Mac, and may be ideal for folks using iOS or Android tablets, as well, and arrives in three colours, covering an off-white, pinky rose, and a green and graphite.

Logitech’s Casa book desk gadget is heading to Australian stores now, priced at $289.95 locally.

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