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LG’s Signature washer dryer handles 25kg wet, 13kg dry

The biggest washer combos don’t typically handle more than 20kg wet and 10kg dry, but a new massive machine from LG feels like it’s made for the biggest homes.

How much washing do you need to deal with on a regular basis?

If the answer is “lots”, “loads”, or any other large word beginning with “l” that we’ve somehow missed, you may want to take a look (another “l” word) at something LG is showing off ahead of the IFA 2023 show in Germany.

Built more or less for those large homes, it’s an addition to the company’s “Signature” line-up of appliances, which covers the flagship Z-series OLED TV, not to mention some neat fridges and wine coolers that are made for people who don’t typically ask “how much” something costs and just spend.

LG’s addition to that comes in a 27 inch Washer-Dryer with Heat Pump, which isn’t a very attractive name, though it is descriptive.

The boxy design looks like two appliances meshed together and incorporates an LG-made inverter heat pump to set the dryer to either reduce energy or reduce drying times, with that coming down to your choice.

Meanwhile, for the washing, the appliance is using its “6 Motion AI Direct Drive” technology, which LG says can detect fabric type, load size, and if there’s any moisture inside, and then apply the right settings for the optimal washing and drying times.

You’ll be able to dry as much as 13kg of washing in this thing, but if you only need to wash, that will handle nearly twice that load, washing as much as 25 kilograms in the machine.

There’s a little more to the machine that just a big washer dryer, with voice recognition allowing you to control the machine using only your voice, and even open the door using words. LG has even equipped a 7 inch LCD to control the washing machine, though it will support an app if you prefer your phone or tablet, instead.

One thing LG hasn’t mentioned yet is the price, with LG Australia silent about the expected cost of the Signature Washer-Dryer.

Locally, the LG WashTower — which is basically a 17kg washer stacked on top of a 10kg dryer — retails for $4999, and this new model supports more laundry than even that one. That’s suggestive that if slash when LG Australia decided to launch the Signature Washer-Dryer here, Australians will expect to pay between $6999 and $9999 for it, making for one of the most expensive washing machines around.

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