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Fujifilm invites beginners, enthusiasts for photo classes

Not everyone can be a pro photographer or have a Fine Arts degree in photography, but if you’re near Sydney on a weekend, you might find some teachers who can help free.

Everyone has a camera in every phone they own, and some of us can put that to great use, but if you’ve always wondered how to take a better photo, you might find your way to a class.

Some of those classes can be simple and basic, and others can be long-drawn out affairs that teach you not just how to hold a camera, but how to compose a picture, how to pick lenses, how to understand light, and ultimately, how to be a better photographer. They may even teach you to become an artist, or give you a little piece of paper that says you are.

There are lots of things you can do to improve and hone the craft of photography, such as reading books or watching video tutorials, but very little can truly replace first-hand demonstrations and the communication of expertise found in a class.

While many of those classes can cost money, some still are available for free, and it’s an area Fujifilm is dabbling in, launching masterclass sessions at the only Fujifilm House of Photography located in the southern hemisphere, specifically that of Sydney, Australia.

The centre is more or less a showcase of Fujifilm’s technology including its cameras, but it will also offer photography workshops and lessons not just for owners of Fujifilm cameras, but for owners and users of other cameras, as well.

“The masterclasses and workshops are about Fujifilm Australia giving back to the community and adding value for consumers,” said Ryuichi Matoba, CEO of Fujifilm Australia.

“They provide existing Fujifilm users a home where they can learn more about their cameras and how to enhance their kit. For those new to Fujifilm cameras and lenses it’s a chance to explore and learn about our full range,” he said.

“Then, for those who are new to photography altogether, we will provide a rich environment where they can come and learn about cameras from the ground up and begin their photography journey in the most exciting way possible.”

A representative for the company confirmed to Pickr that you didn’t need a Fujifilm camera to check these out, and that anyone would be free to attend and learn, provided there was space.

As for when the next one is, you’ll need to check with Fujifilm for that, but with at least one event down and more on the way, there’s a good chance that a weekend in Sydney could see you learning something about photography the next time they pop up.

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