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Celebrate Safer Internet Day by reflecting to protect

Thinking before we click on a potential dodgy link could just save us from going down the rabbit hole of a scam.

February 7, 2023 can mean a lot of things to different people. It could be just another day of the year, whether it’s World Ballet Day, Rose Day, or even potentially the day Australia’s Reserve Bank has a big shock rise for mortgage holders this year, but it also means something else: Safer Internet Day.

Every year, February 7 is Safer Internet Day, and it’s one day that could be more important than ever. As scams increase and the losses mount, being aware of the risks out on the internet are more important than ever, and staying safe overall.

Doing just that — staying safe — isn’t always easy, but with the theme this year of “Connect, Reflect, and Protect”, it makes it extremely important to think (reflect) in order to protect.

Almost every scam email requires you to do just that, because not doing so means risking falling into an abyss where scammers can confuse with misinformation and trickery.

Much of the time, scammers will attempt to obfuscate with something that looks legitimate, yet is anything but. So be sure to take everything with a grain of salt, hover over links, check email addresses, and question everything.

Between scammers pretending to be PayPal, the regular number of nasty myGov scams, or even possibly your own mother, make sure to question the messages you get and don’t just blindly believe.

Think before you click and you could just end up protecting yourself, your identity, and your finances in the best way possible.

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