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Apple’s iOS 17 update fixes overheating iPhone 15

Worried about an iPhone 15 overheating? You’ll want to make sure you get the latest update to iOS 17, which fixes that ASAP.

It’s been an interesting launch for the iPhone 15 range.

There are four models, divided by size, build materials, cameras, battery sizes, and even chip designs and architectures, but they all share a common problem: they may overheat.

That’s been the word recently, with talk over radio and more about iPhone 15 temperatures that can get a little hot under the collar, or at least your pocket and on your skin.

Fortunately, there appears to be a fix beyond the regular overheating tips and tricks, so if you have an iPhone 15, you may want to update your phone ASAP.

The iOS 17.0.3 release rolling out now handles the extra warmth, which may have come from extra code running unnecessarily. The fix, however, is an update, and one that anyone with an iPhone or iPad may want to grab ASAP to ensure they don’t have any problems with a warmer phone than expected.

Apple notes the patch deals with an iPhone running “warmer than expected”.
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