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Anker’s Eufy Mach V1 Ultra is a vac that can steam, too

Cleaning up drops is getting a little steamy, as Anker’s home-friendly tech brand builds a vac that goes beyond suction.

You mightn’t think the vacuum can be loaded with technology, but these days you only need to look at how the category is changing to be proven wrong.

Between the number of robotic vacuums that exist, the improvements to the motors driving them, and the inclusion of a green laser and dust counter, vacuums are changing. There’s even smartphone control for the robotic ones.

If you prefer to control the vacuum yourself and you fancy a bit of convergence, you might be keen to see what Anker has been cooking up, as it launches its vacuums in Australia under the Eufy brand.

Similar to how Anker operates “Soundcore” for its headphones, Eufy is Anker’s smart home brand, covering door locks, WiFi security cameras, and now it seems vacuum cleaners.

Specifically, it’s two grades of vac, as the Mach launches in Australia as the Mach V1 and Mach V1 Ultra, two very similar vacuums with one outpacing the other. That would be the “Ultra” model, which looks the same, but comes with some extra cleaning features.

Both Mach V1 models are a cordless stick vac in a futuristic design, sporting the look almost of a Cylon, except in a vacuum cleaner form.

Each model features a suction system capable of handling hard floors and running for as long as 82 minutes, with an LCD display on the handle.

The “Ultra” model, however, comes with a steam mop feature built in called “SteamWave” that can dissolve the stain using 110 degree steam to break it down, before vacuuming and mopping things up. The system will also sterilise and sanitise the floor, and can even dry it as it works, with an “anti-slip” feature that blows air to the floor as it mops to dry things as you move it.

Inside, there’s a canister you can easily clean, while the V1 Ultra sports a self-cleaning system that can clean, disinfect, and dry the rolling brush, tube, and vacuum body, as well.

And if the idea of a loud vacuum bugs you, Eufy has a noise cancellation feature here, using three layers to keep the noise down to around the level of a dishwasher.

“The V1 Series sets a new benchmark for vacuuming, and the world-first technology of the V1 Ultra is the epitome of the MACH brand, and just the beginning of what’s to come,” said Gaspar Xie, General Manager of Anker Innovations for Australia.

“We’re excited to continue challenging the status quo with our Mach range, with more products rolling out in the coming months,” he said.

Worth noting is that while all the cool features are clearly in the V1 Ultra, they both will work as a vacuum cleaner with a mop. And just because there’s a steam and vac function inside either doesn’t mean you need to use the Mach V1 models as as mop of sorts, with the company confirming they can be switched to operate as either vac or mop when needed.

Pricing for each puts the V1 Ultra on the high-end for vacuums locally, with a $1499 tag in Australia, while the regular Mach V1 comes in a little lower at $1199.

Both can be found in Australia now, selling at Harvey Normans across the country.

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