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Vodafone switches on 5G for MVNOs in trial

If you’re someone who subscribes to iiNet, Kogan, Lebara, or TPG, Vodafone is connecting those telcos to 5G in a trial very shortly.

The world of 5G is opening up to more Australians, and not just because the number of phones you can find is expanding rapidly, as well. While last year opened up the ability to find 5G phones under $500, this year the technology has become less expensive again, falling to new lows as more telcos switch on to high-speed 5G.

In the past few years, 5G was made available on all the big telcos, and in recent times, the smaller operators are getting a share, as well.

We’ve seen Optus send some of the 5G love to its Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) a couple of years ago, and Telstra recently shared the 5G love to MVNOs, as well.

Now it’s Vodafone’s turn, it seems, with Vodafone noting that four of the smaller operators using its network will get access to 5G in a trial, expected to run to late October, but that could go longer.

Ten plans from Lebara will be included in the trial, covering medium, large, and extra large plans, while Kogan’s large and extra large 12 month plans will be included, too.

If you happen to subscribe to TPG and iiNet, 5G access will be available there for all new and existing customers on large and extra large SIM only plans, as well.

Like all other 5G services, you’ll still need a 5G compatible phone to get 5G speeds, with 4G phones offering 4G speeds only. Network reach is also a factor, so if you’re paying for one of those telcos, be sure to check out Vodafone’s 5G network coverage map, otherwise you mightn’t really get that new connection to test out.

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