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Steinway speaker looks to save space (but maybe not money)

A new speaker from one of Denmark’s more expensive speaker makers aims to deliver some serious sound, but if you have to ask its price, well, you know the drill.

When it comes to expensive audio technology, audiophiles often know that premium tends to fetch a pretty penny.

That just seems to be par for the course, especially when you look to the high end, though some manufacturers really know how to get the price down and look to do that. However some also go the opposite way, and with the Danish brand Steinway Lyngdorf, that’s kind of where that company is going.

If the name “Steinway” already delivers that sort of response, it’s because you’ve connected it with the Steinway & Sons, the makers of some of the world’s best pianos, used on some of the world’s most known stages by artists. That company has come together with Lyngdorf Audio for Steinway Lyngdorf, and is now responsible for Steinway speakers that come with similarly hefty price tags focused on serious sound.

In Australia, you can find tall Steinway Lyngdorf Model D floor standing speakers for between $379K and $455K — and yes, that “K” represents a thousand dollars. These are serious price tags for audiophile gear.

With Steinway Lyngdorf’s latest, it’s a smaller style of speaker keeping a hefty price tag, though not quite as serious as the Model D.

You’ll find this speaker costs between a lower $50K and $115K, a jaw dropping price that will still throw people a curve, though clearly focuses on audiophiles first and foremost, or the highly narrowed niche of audiophiles with lots and lots of money who aren’t afraid to drop thousands upon thousands on a pair of speakers.

Aside for the impossibly high price, the Steinway speakers include a room calibration technology to optimise the sound, with a design that echoes pianos, including a black piano finish design with black strings, assembled by hand in Denmark.

We’re not sure these will be on the list of many, thanks in part to that enormously high price tag, but folks interested in them can expect to find the Steinway & Sons Model A speakers later this year at very, very select specialists.

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