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Soundcore’s Space Q45 aims to keep ears isolated under $250

A new pair of noise cancelling headphones from a brand new to Australia is offering up a pair where value is more or less the focus.

In the wireless headphone world, there’s often one feature that quickly denotes whether a pair of headphones is more premium than others: active noise cancellation.

While there are many types of noise cancellation, and some are clearly bette than others, you typically only need to spot whether ANC is included to know if you’re looking at something more premium than merely wireless, because these days, that’s the feature that screams it.

It’s also a feature that can command a high price tag, and depending on which company makes the headphones, it can vary a lot.

There are cheap noise cancelling headphones that use an older style of the tech meant to deal with the basis of repeatable noises, and then there are the newer and more premium models that aim for a more adaptive style, able to cancel out more than just the hum of an aircraft engine.

Finding the middle ground is where some buyers go, and that may include looking at new providers, with some arriving just recently.

Anker’s Soundcore brand is one such example, which popped up with its Space A40 in Australia only recently, and surprised greatly with a pair of truly wireless noise cancelling earphones that fared quite well.

Another pair is rocking up, and this time it’s less about a truly wireless ANC experience, and more about something larger with more isolation.

Called the Space Q45, they’re an around-the-ear design with what Anker says is a three-stage noise cancellation system, optimising the performance based on the outside environment, with an earcup design that aims to keep you sealed from that outside, as well.

Inside, there’s a 40mm driver made with a combination of silk and metal-ceramic, with support for Sony’s LDAC format for high-res audio, and an app that lets you tweak the experience and play with noise cancellation settings, including a transparency mode.

Interestingly, there’s a staggering battery life on-board, with Anker reporting up to 50 hours of battery life when noise cancellation is switched on, or an even bigger 65 when ANC is switched off.

“The Space Q45 headphones deliver on noise cancellation and sound quality,” said Gaspar Xie, Head of Sales Operations for Anker in Australia and New Zealand.

“With long-lasting battery and functionality to optimise the user’s listening experience based on outside noise, the Q45 headphones are ideal for hours of uninterrupted listening during the daily commute, while exercising or for removing all distractions for mindfulness,” he said.

The price is also one that looks to impress alongside that battery life, with the Soundcore Space Q45 headphones targeting an Australian price of $219.99. Availability for the headphones is now, found largely at Amazon and Soundcore’s website, plus other online stores.

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