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Sennheiser makes truly wireless Sport open, closed, water friendly

A new pair of truly wireless earphones are on the way from Sennheiser, and they’re made for sweat and then some.

There are sure a lot of truly wireless earphone choices out in the world, but if you need to go for a run or push yourself in exercise, there’s a likelihood you’re going to need something a little more heavy duty than just a regular pair.

Truly wireless earphones can be great for running and such, but if you’re going to run in the rain or expect a bit of sweat, the expectations for durability change. Not every pair is proofed for water and dust, and so you may need to look for something to suit.

There are definite options out there, and alongside Bang & Olufsen’s Ex earphones this week, there’s yet one more on the way, as Sennheiser tackles a different crowd: folks not bothered by the omission of noise cancellation and looking more for Sennheiser’s style of sound coupled with water resistance.

It’s coming in the Sennheiser Sport True Wireless, a variation of truly wireless earphones that skips the ANC premium earphones come with, aiming instead to deliver volume and bass from a sizeable 7mm driver at each ear, with a unique addition to the mix: earphone adaptors to keep them open or closed.

Open earphones will let you hear more of the outside world, while closed will shut it off, and while noise cancellation can assist with that, the Sennheiser Sport is less about securing yourself in a bubble of sound and more about giving you something you can go running with, resting assured that water and dust won’t break them. Rated for IP54 water resistance, they’re a hint more splash resistant than some other earphones, but not something you’ll go swimming with, surviving a run in the rain if need be.

There’s an inclusion of custom equaliser settings to deal with sound styles to keep you attuned to what’s happening outside, with the “Aware EQ” letting some noises in working with the open adaptor, while “Focus EQ” is designed for the closed adaptor and turning the sound up.

Sennheiser is also featuring quite a bit of battery life in between charges here, with the Sport True Wireless fetching 9 hours with two charges more in the case, providing 18 hours there for 27 all up. That’s not quite as long as Ag’s 120 hour minimum in the TWS04K, but it’s still not bad overall.

Price-wise, Australians can expect to find the Sennheiser Sport True Wireless in stores early May, landing for $199.95.

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