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Oppo’s A76 takes on the budget with a fast screen

When premium features eventually make their way to the low end, everyone wins, and with Oppo’s A76, we may well be seeing a little more of that.

There are definite features that make a phone high end in today’s world. Great cameras are one, premium materials used in the construction is another, and then there’s also the screen.

In the world of phones, the better the resolution, the better looking the phone experience is likely to be, but that experience invariably goes beyond how many pixels are firing, but also how quick the screen is. While resolution is undoubtedly a big part of making a screen look great, supporting a faster than 60Hz refresh rate is another, because the faster the screen, the more slick the animations can actually be.

A speedy refresh rate is one factor we’re beginning to see roll out to more devices, and it’s also one factor that’s even gradually trickling out to budget phones, evident by one of Oppo’s latest models to hit.

No stranger to budget mobiles, Oppo’s A76 definitely sits in that category, providing a 6.56 inch screen atop a 5000mAh battery for a $349 price point. Sitting near the “high-end” of budget phones, the Oppo A76 skips over big deal features such as 5G and three or four cameras, something you can find in last year’s Oppo A54. Instead, the A76 opts for two on the back made up of one main 13 megapixel camera and a 2 megapixel depth camera, plus an 8 megapixel camera at the front, making the lack of an ultra-wide camera and macro camera surprise omissions normally seen in mid-range mobiles.

You will find a surprisingly capable Snapdragon 680 in the A76, as well as 4GB RAM and 128GB storage, but the surprise of the whole package may well go to the screen.

While the Oppo A76 comes with a ho-hum resolution, offering HD+ only, it does manage to come with a 90Hz refresh rate, keeping animations just that little bit more slick.

“In today’s digital age, customers’ needs are constantly evolving, and at Oppo, we pride ourselves on building phones which complement their lifestyle,” said Michael Tran, Managing Director at Oppo in Australia.

“Reliability, performance and ease-of-use are the main themes of the new A76 as we aim to create a device that provides a truly effortless user experience,” he said.

For $349, it’s possible that Oppo’s A76 matches those needs, though the company is trying to sweeten the deal further, at least for owners keen to get in before the middle of April, offering a free pair of $99 Enco Wireless W12 earphones, though you’ll have to send away for them.

As for the phone itself, the Oppo A76 id available now at may retailers online and offline, while the W12 earphones have until the end of April to claim them.

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