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Nothing readies a phone for July

A new phone looks set to arrive from out of nowhere, or at least out of Nothing. Will it come to Australia?

There’s a fair few phone makers out there, but it can seem like new entrants don’t exactly pop up all the time.

LG left last year and Sony departed Australia some time ago, leaving Aussies buying typically locally found brands only, the likes of which include Apple, Samsung, Google, Oppo, Motorola, TCL, Nokia, Realme, Vivo, Xiaomi, and you might even find the odd Huawei or ZTE from time to time.

Beyond that, there aren’t many new choices in Australia, but there could soon be one more, as Nothing turns its ambitions to smart phones.

One of the more unique brands to pop up, Nothing has released one product so far, the Ear (1) wireless noise cancelling earphones, a pair that looks a little different to everything out there with a stripped back minimalist style that’s transparent and affordable, at least in comparison to other brands.

We always suspected that would just be the beginning, and Nothing has confirmed that, with news that it will announced its first phone, simply named the Phone (1).

There’s no word on what the phone will look like or even offer, though Nothing has been working on its own skin to Google Android, so you can expect that on the new device.

As to whether the Nothing Phone (1) will officially launch in Australia, our guess is you probably won’t see it in stores locally, but that like the Ear (1) earphones, online will be a place locals can buy it from when it does come out. Regardless, we’re expecting to hear more about Nothing’s first phone when it launches in the early hours of July 13 for Australians keen to see it.

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