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Logitech raises mice up with Lift ergo option

Not every mouse is good for the wrist, so Logitech’s latest looks to keep your limbs a little happier with a bit of lift, so to speak.

The more we use a mouse at our desk, the more our arms are getting a work out. Whether we’re working from home or making our way into the office, our reliance on the mouse is a must-have staple, but it’s one that can leave you a little sore, especially dependent on how comfortable you are moving your arm and wrist back and forth, and back and forth, and back and forth some more.

There are options to ease the burden, moulded mice like the MX Master 3, but Logitech’s latest could be focused on people who haven’t found something properly comfortable yet, with a mouse meant to grip and improve the ergonomics of your working environment.

It’s coming in the Logitech Lift, a mouse that includes a taller style of grip for you to hold onto, with mouse buttons on the right where your fingers would normally go, while the thumb grips a taller length and finds buttons next to it. The design sees a slope the likes of which few mice offer, and means your hand is titled at an angle while you move your arm, which may mean a more limb friendly approach to using your mouse.

Logitech says the Lift mouse was made after several rounds of user testing at the company’s Ergo lab, with ergonomics at the heart of this gadget’s design.

“Building on our philosophy of when we feel better, we do better, we have created Lift to help people work in comfort for hours and feel better at the end of a long day at the desk,” said Olessia Hageman, Head of the Ergo Business Unit for Logitech.

Pricing for the Logitech Lift sees the mouse arriving in stores from May, where it will be priced at $129.95 in Australia.

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