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LG’s Aero Furniture tables a modern approach to air filters

The air purifier isn’t typically pretty, sitting in the home as a tall block that doesn’t match anything, so LG is trying to make it fit.

Gadgets in the home can be a little like an awkward game of Tetris. You line up everything, make it work, and then something comes along and puts a block in the middle where it just didn’t need to be.

That can be like that for awkward looking routers, speakers that exude some personality, or even an air purifier. A home appliance that is growing in use, air purifiers started to catch on in Australia as bushfire season started affecting more people, but they’ve been in the world as consumer tech for a lot longer.

While air purifiers can deal with situations like smog and fire, they also exist to deal with chemicals and allergens, filtering the air so that you’re not exposed to them.

The problem is they’re not particularly pretty to look at, or not always.

Dyson’s combined Air Multiplier fan and purifiers can get around this, but quite a few purifiers are large rectangular blocks that sit in the home, plugged in, filtering the air and not being designed to fit in with something else. They’re functional, but hardly fun.

At IFA this year, LG is trying to change that. Ahead of a return to IFA and a return to the mid-year consumer tech show in Germany, LG is pre-announcing something called “Aero Furniture” as part of its “Objet Collection”.

Aside for the obvious lack of a “c” that we just know we’re going to accidentally add when talking about it, the Aero Furniture concept is a small table with a 360 degree air purifier tower underneath, basically hiding the filter in a design made to blend in and be used, while still be functional.

We’re not expecting a major amount of load bearing weight here, but LG notes that the surface could hold thing, and features the controls for the air purifier underneath, with mood lighting integrated, as well.

Interesting, LG has also integrated a wireless charger in the design, which potentially means you could recharge your phone, a pair of earphones, or even possibly recharge your cordless toothbrush using the surface of the Aero Furniture, all while cleaning the air.

It’ll come in a few colours, though LG hasn’t yet said whether its Aero Furniture will launch in Australia. The Aero Furniture isn’t LG’s first attempt at an air purifier, with an LG connected mask that launched at IFA in 2020, but never arrived in Australia. We’ll let you know if LG has plans to launch this gadget locally, though, and whether the next air filter you might consider could fit in better with the home.

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