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Lenovo folds a 16 inch laptop into a compact 12

A big screen to go? That’ll be really possible with foldable computers, and Lenovo’s ThinkPad X1 Fold shows just what’s capable.

We’re seeing foldable technology gradually make an impact on phones, but what about computers? It’s been slow to start, but it seems 2022 could be the time when foldable screens make a real dent, at least based on one concept Lenovo is showing at IFA this year.

If you’ve ever wondered if you could fold a big screen into a smaller one not unlike how Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold manages a big 7 inch screen into a smaller form-factor, but do it for your computers, you might find that’s possible with Lenovo’s latest, the ThinkPad X1 Fold.

The latest next-gen computer to pop up, the X1 Fold touts a 16 inch OLED screen that can be folded into a 12 inch design, and yet still features high-end Intel chips, plus a design that allows the hardware to be opened for easier maintenance.

At its core, the X1 Fold is one big tablet screen sporting up to an Intel 12th-gen Core processor under the hood, plus up to 1TB storage and up to 32GB RAM, with Windows 11 arriving on-board. There’s also support for WiFi 6E, Windows Hello facial security, plus Dolby Atmos sound.

Most attention will be to that screen, with the 16.3 inch OLED screen running a respectable 2024×2560 resolution. While it can be set-up and used as a big tablet, it can also be folded into a 12 inch form-factor, resembling a folded size not unlike a Surface Pro or even a MacBook Air.

Lenovo’s X1 Fold can also be folded in place and used like a 12 inch computer, with the top half being the main screen and the bottom half as a keyboard, of which there’s also a keyboard that can sit on top. Alternatively, the screen can be used for all 16 inches with the keyboard at the bottom.

In short, Lenovo’s X1 Fold looks to offer one of the most customisable laptop experiences we’ve seen to date, giving you the standard clamshell laptop view, the tablet view, and even a bunch of other styles without trying too hard.

The laptop will also support a pen with an optional magnetic stylus, allowing it to be used as tablet for writing and drawing, as well.

Worth noting is that the 2022 X1 Fold isn’t technically Lenovo’s first foldable computer — we’ve seen one before — but it does look to be a considerable upgrade, and one that could help drive the use of foldable computers in a market that hasn’t quite seen all that many to begin with.

The Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold seems to have it all, but one thing it’s missing is local availability and pricing. Specifically, Lenovo hasn’t said anything about an Australian release for the X1 Fold, beyond that pricing and availability has yet to be confirmed. But once we find out, we’ll let you know with updates accordingly.

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