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How to celebrate May the Fourth online

May 4 isn’t just the beginning of another month that edges closer to the middle of the year, but rather Star Wars Day. What can you do for it?

Geeks everywhere typically recognise May for the good times that it offers and how it connects to science fiction, thanks in part to two reasons: May the Fourth and Towel Day.

The latter is connected to The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy which started as a radio drama before being made into a book, TV shows, and movies, and is celebrated every May 25, while the former is all about Star Wars.

And it’s pretty easy to see why: May 4th reads as “May the Fourth”, which reads as “May the Fourth Be With You”… get it?

So how can you celebrate May 4 in all its Star Warsian glory? Here are some ways.

Watch Star Wars movies and shows on Disney+

One of the most obvious ways you can get stuck into Star Wars on May the Fourth is to actually watch some Star Wars, because clearly, it’s a set of movies and TV shows, plus some small clips, as well.

You can pull out some old DVDs or Blu-rays, or even buy them online, but if you have a Disney+ account, you can also stream Star Wars in 4K on that platform, handy if you happen to have a lovely 4K TV and a great sound system, too.

Just remember to pump up the sound because when that fanfare begins, well, you know…

"Star Wars: A New Hope" in 4K Ultra HD on Disney+

Listen to some Star Wars

There’s a total of 12 Star Wars films to date, and each has had a pretty stellar soundtrack, not including the good assortment of TV shows with excellent soundtracks, as well.

If watching the films isn’t something you can do — because, you know, maybe you’re at work — consider looking for Star Wars on the streaming music service of your choice, and jamming along with your favourite.

Alternatively, consider looking up Star Wars Headspace, a sort of modern take on the franchise that turns the music to electronica and dance, which could be something else to try. It’s a little like the remix album for Daft Punk’s Tron Legacy, but with a more distinctly obvious Star Wars vibe.

Tweet to Mark Hamill

The force dots the online platform that is Twitter, and while the future of the platform is up in the air, at least some of the crew are grounded and talking to fans, maybe even you.

Luke Skywalker himself, Mark Hamill, is one of the Twitter users you can call out to, as is Lando’s Billy Dee Williams, an Ewok in Warwick Davis, and Mace Windu’s Samuel L Jackson.

If you’re using Twitter, send them a message to say “May the Fourth Be With You”, or just send them something cute. You never now what might happen.

Play some Star Wars games

Star Wars has had games longer than most can remember, and while most are on PC, you can find a good assortment on other consoles, as well.

If you have a PC or Mac, you might want to check whether any Star Wars classics are on sale over at Steam, while owners of other consoles can head to their respective game marketplaces and check out what’s available simply by typing in the obvious, “Star Wars”.

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order

Learn to code with Star Wars

We’re big fans of anything you can use to help learn to code, and believe it or not, that could include some droids you might be looking for.

Ever since Star Wars joined up with Sphero, we’ve seen the force connect with tech, and LittleBits added to that, but neither company produces robots or robot kits for Star Wars anymore.

That doesn’t mean you can’t get your coding skills up with Star Wars, though.

Learn to code resource offers Star Wars connected courses that teach you how to code in blocks for beginners or with JavaScript using characters from the films, helping to make coding a little more fun.

Shop Star Wars Lego

Finally, you can have some fun making stuff in the Star Wars universe, because there sure is a bunch of Lego in the world.

Oh sure, Lego has large Formula 1 race cars to build, but if you’re in the mood for something properly complex, why not check out a Star Destroyer or Millennium Falcon to connect playtime with what May 4 is all about: Star Wars.

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