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Fingers, PIN, phone set to lock doors with Eufy Smart Lock

Everything is getting smarter with app support, including potentially your front door or the door to your office, as a smart lock from Anker arrives on our shores.

If you’re one of those people that aims to make their home as cutting edge as it gets, you’ve probably looked into anything that has the word “smart” attached to it in some form or another.

Smart lights are easy, and the smart speakers and smart displays that make it easy to control them, that’s just the obvious next step. There are also smart appliances, smart doorbells, and the obligatory smart TVs and smart security systems.

And yes, there are even smart door locks, though Australia hasn’t seen a whole heap of these in recent years. Nuki was one of the last companies we saw with a smart lock, but that wasn’t all that recent, though now there’s another, as another one of Anker’s brands rocks up in Australia to cover that category.

Anker is still fairly new locally, though with a 4K projector and a pair of earphones in its Soundcore brand, we’re beginning to see more of its gadgets arrive.

The latest is from its “Eufy” brand of home security gear, coming in the Security Video Smart Lock, a door lock that sports a 2K video camera with night vision support, and the ability to capture to local storage on an SD card, meaning no subscription fees. That door camera also acts as a doorbell, making it a handy replacement for one of those if you need it.

However, the door camera is just one part of the Smart Lock with a fingerprint reader up top that can store several sets of fingerprints, and a keypad up top so you can type in a code to let you in, as well.

That gives it two ways to open the door, though a traditional key doesn’t appear to be one of those. If the battery goes out in the Eufy Door Lock, you’ll basically be able to use a backup charger like the kind your phone takes to charge the door lock and switch the lock back on.

It might make it the right lock for a home that’s already living in the future, though if you’re still hanging on to the idea of needing a key, this one mightn’t be the smart lock for you .

Folks living in that type of future will find the Eufy Video Smart Lock in Australian stores shortly for $749.

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