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Airthings offers up a way to check the air in there

How’s the air at home? A digital approach to understanding what’s going on with your home’s air is on the way, with alerts on offer to help you change things.

We have ways of checking what the temperature is outside and a whole heap of news sources to tell us if there’s anything to worry about outside, but what do we do when we want to know about the inside?

That may well be the question a gadget range arriving in Australia seeks to answer, as Airthings brings its brand of air monitoring to the country, providing a glance at what the air is like inside your home by way of a gadget.

There will be a few of them launching, providing an app to tell you what’s going on inside your home with your air, though some models include a small screen to show you that info, as well. Depending on the model, information will cover temperature, humidity, CO2, airborne chemicals, and airborne particulate matter, the latter of which has been known to hit Australian households hard during particularly heavy bushfire seasons.

It’s a little like what Dyson has been using in its “Pure” coolers, providing a look at what your air is like and notifying you, though there is one major difference: while the Dyson technology can inform you, it can also clean the air, albeit for a bigger price tag. Airthings doesn’t really handle the last part.

Armed with one of the Airthings sensors, it should be possible to get a picture of what the air is like inside, and then take action.

How you take action is entirely down to you, but that could be as simple as opening a window to switching on an air purifier, or even going further and adding a form of air conditioning with a capable air filter.

In Australia, the Airthings range will cover four models ranging in price from $129 to $399, with the products available now.

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