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Acer’s Swift Edge brings OLED to a lightweight 16 inch laptop

Even though 13 to 14 inches could well be the prime position for portable computing, if you can’t live without a big screen, Acer’s next option won’t have to sacrifice your back.

As much as we love a big screen laptop, they can come with a bit of a downside: weight.

While computer makers have managed to get the technology solid, typically a big laptop comes with a biggish size, as well, and that can mean extra weight for your back. Often a lot of it.

We love the 16 inch MacBook Pro, but at 2.17 kilograms, it still has a fair amount of heft, and that’s not what everyone is after. It could be why LG’s 16 inch Gram attracts attention with its rough kilogram size, and it’s about to be joined by something else.

This time, the laptop is from Acer, which has a model of 16 inch laptop designed to be premium and weight-friendly, arriving in the Acer Swift Edge, a 1.17kg laptop boasting high-end materials with an absence of overall weight.

Key to this design is a magnesium-aluminium alloy chassis, with that material holding an AMD Ryzen Pro 6000 chip inside, offering up to eight cores for performance, plus some hardware to lock down security, as well.

Of particular interest is that screen, which will be a 16 inch OLED panel offering a 4K-friendly resolution of 3840×2400, with support for HDR, too.

Like many computers these days, you can expect Type C USB for charging and data, with two of those ports accompanied by two rectangular Type A USB ports, not to mention HDMI and support for wireless options over Bluetooth and WiFi 6E.

About the only thing missing is a price, with Acer’s local arm mum on the official details there. Availability is expected early next year, though, and with a USD starting price of $1499, we’re expecting Australians will see the Acer Swift Edge from $2K.

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