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Vodafone offers up unlimited 4G at home

If you’re in a place where the NBN isn’t doing you as well as your mobile’s connection, Vodafone’s latest offer could just grab your attention.

Even though the National Broadband Network has largely been rolled out, there’s a possibility that you may not be happy with what you received. If your connection just isn’t pulling the speed or reliability you’d have liked, there are other options, and they typically turn to the wireless world.

While we’d all like to jump on the 5G bandwagon, somewhere between a reach that isn’t quite there, not to mention the price for mobile data, there’s a high chance you won’t be signing up for 5G at home. Telstra recently launched a 5G at home service, but only for a select number of households per Australian postcode, and for a fixed amount of downloads: 1TB monthly.

Even though Vodafone does have a 5G mobile service, it’s not quite ready with a 5G home service, and so seems to be launching something on the more widely found 4G network, this week announcing an unlimited 4G Home Internet plan for $50 per month for existing mobile customers or $60 per month if you don’t.

“We have listened to our customers and their needs by giving them a simple unlimited data plan,” said Kieren Coone, Consumer Group Executive at Vodafone.

“We know customers want to set and forget their home broadband, allowing them to stream and browse without giving data limits a second thought,” he said.

The plan includes a 4G modem for home provided you sign up for two years, and maxes out at 20Mbps downloads, though Vodafone acknowledges that the speed isn’t ideal for 4K streaming, which typically requires speeds of 25Mbps and higher.

Capped at 20Mbps specifically as a maximum off-peak data speed down and 2Mbps up, Vodafone’s unlimited 4G home plan isn’t going to be a speed demon, and the company says it may be slower at times during busy periods, such as between 7 and 11pm. That means it may not be ideal for all things, though it at least may win some customers on price, because between $50 and $60 per month, it does essentially provide an easy option for people looking to veer away from the wired to something sans cable.

It’s available now, with Vodafone noting that the first month will see its fees waived so customers can decide whether the 4G home internet service is right for them first.

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