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Twelve South charges phones through photos

If the standard style of stand-up chargers doesn’t grab you, replacing the pad with a picture you like might.

If you’re in the market for a wireless charger, there’s a good chance you’re deciding between one of three: a lie-down pad charger, a stand-up pad charger, or something with MagSafe in it that holds your phone in place.

The latter can be complicated, because MagSafe only works with iPhones from the iPhone 12 range and higher, though phones can be more or less be hacked to support the concept, something Mophie introduced this year with a magnetic ring you can slip under a case that gives the phone a similar assortment of magnets to keep it connected to a MagSafe charger. It’s like giving a similar version of MagSafe to a phone that doesn’t have it, even if you don’t get the consistently strong wireless charging MagSafe also provides.

While MagSafe only works with really recent iPhones properly, most wireless charging devices work with most high-end phones. Wireless charging isn’t exactly a new thing, having been around since the Galaxy S6, but it consistently remains a high-end feature that manufacturers throw in, and so if you don’t have it on your phone, it might be because you don’t have a high-end phone.

But if you do, you can charge without a cable, leaving your phone on a wireless charging pad, much like how you can charge a toothbrush on a wireless charging pad, as well (you can’t charge a phone on a toothbrush charging pad, as the power is just too low).

In this category, wireless charging pads can look a little same-samey. They’re either a pad or several you lie it down on, either in little circular spot or a large wireless charging plate for many devices, or they’re a stand-up section that you lean your phone up against, and they all look rather plain. As they’re supposed to, because they’re wireless chargers.

If you’re looking for something less like that, Twelve South might have the answer, with a stand-up charge pad that also supports a postcard 4×6 photo.

That’s essentially what the PowerPic Mod is, with a wireless charging pad for phones and earphone cases with wireless charging support that can stand up, encasing the charging pad behind some plastic that can be left clear with the charging pad seen through it, or covered with a photo so the charging pad ends up looking like a photo frame, as well.

It means if you have a 4×6 postcard photo you want beside your bed and a charging pad, you don’t necessarily need the two to be different, with the Twelve South PowerPic providing that in one device.

You’ll need to spend a good hundred bucks for the privilege, however, with the Twelve South PowerPic photo charging stand available in stores across Australia for $99.95 locally.

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