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Telstra set to bring 5G to more homes

Keen to see the sort of speeds 5G can achieve at home where you do most of your browsing? That might be coming soon to Telstra subscribers.

The NBN can offer some pretty solid speeds, with most of us topping out at either 50Mbps or 100Mbps down, but there’s better if you have the money.

Higher speeds can be achieved depending on the tech your area has and the price you’re willing to pay, but it might soon be possible to move beyond that and just decide on the high-speed world of 5G over our mixed technology world that the National Broadband Network is made up of.

Now that all of the major telcos support 5G, and even some of the lesser ones thanks to Optus, 5G is in a position to go more places. Optus experimented with 5G at home in 2019 before launching 5G on phones, and now Telstra is launching 5G for more people at home and increasing its data limit at the same time.

Truth be told, Telstra experimented with 5G at home last year, but this year, it’s opening up opportunities for more people this year, with the company noting its 5G network is “on track to reach 75% of Aussies by the end of June”, according to a recent blog by Telstra Group Executive, Kim Krogh Andersen. At the same time, Telstra says it will upgrade the amount of downloads on these plans, bringing a 1000GB limit for 5G Home Internet customers.

That 5G home network is capable of some pretty impressive speeds, with the 50Mbps minimum able to hit as high as 600Mbps, while an average speed reportedly clicks in at 378Mbps, higher than that of a typical NBN connection.

Currently, 5G subscribers are on the Sub-6 5G connection, which is what everyone is using, but with the recent government auction of the mmWave spectrum, that could soon change. Telstra notes that mmWave 5G is coming, with sites already being built in five capital cities, suggesting more speed and capability is coming soon to its 5G connections very soon.

Given that there’s already some mmWave hardware out in the world, there’s a good chance that we’ll see some pretty rapid tech roll-outs for even faster speeds in the very near future.

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