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Samsung’s next Galaxy announced January 15

A good month ahead of the typical phone season, Samsung is getting in early with its next Galaxy range.

It’s a new year, and it’s time for a new year of phones. It might seem like only yesterday that the new year began, and it’s not far off, but tech companies are already getting in with something new, and some of them are working well ahead of time to show off.

Samsung looks to be one of them, as it talks up an announcement date the week of the digital CES set to happen next week.

While the majority of the big announcements at the online-only CES will happen at the beginning of the week, Samsung is looking like it’ll end the event with the news on the next Galaxy phones, with a January 14 US and January 15 announcement of whatever it has planned.

There’s a small video teaser, and most of it seems to situate itself around the camera bump expected on the new phone, or rather we should say phones — plural — because like how other Samsung launches typically see more than one, you can expect that here.

As to what we expect in the new Galaxy range, we’re expecting a new chip boasting more performance, 5G, and maybe even some of the Galaxy Note love with support for a stylus, not to mention a new name for the new year: Galaxy S21.

Yes, it’ll be a replacement for the Galaxy S20 range, which will likely mean updates for the flagship S20 Ultra and the smaller models. Anything else is up in the air, but we’ll let you know what’s planned at the end of next week when the new Galaxy S21 range is announced.

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