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Samsung readies a mid-range 10 inch A8 tablet

It might seem like the tablet world has gone to Apple, but Samsung is ready with another model for folks who mightn’t be into the entry-level iPad.

Tablets range in style and price, but if it hasn’t seemed like we haven’t seen a whole heap of variation this year, you probably aren’t wrong. There have been plenty of iPads, for sure, but not a whole heap of Androids, at least not in Australia, but there’s a good chance Samsung will have something new here soon.

Ahead of CES next year, the maker of the Galaxy phones has another Galaxy model on the way, coming in the Galaxy Tab range, though not the flagship. The next model will actually be the Galaxy Tab A8, a confusing product name given the A8 is a 10.5 inch tablet, not an 8 inch model, though one carrying the Full HD resolution of 1920×1200.

What it does appear to be is a tablet built to be thin and light, with a 6.9mm thickness, 508 gram weight, and a mid-range memory and storage amount of 3 and 4GB RAM, with between 32 and 128GB storage.

Interestingly, it will reportedly come with a 3.5mm headset jack as well as a Type C USB port, the latter of which is normal in Samsung’s phones, but the former of which is not, and is often a sign of something mid-range these days.

But while the specs seems to suggest mid-range is where this tablet will be, Samsung Australia doesn’t have any information on pricing just yet, with no news expected until January, timely given CES 2022 is on at that time.

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