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Panasonic skips the hub for a cleaner fridge

An internet fridge may well be what some folks want at home, but Panasonic has other plans, and they’re focused on dealing with bacteria.

We don’t often upgrade our fridges, but when we do, there’s usually a reason. That reason might be that it has stopped working and you need something new, or it could be something else altogether, such as wanting a new feature that a new refrigerator could bring.

If it seems like fridges don’t often get those new features, you’re not half wrong, as developments can seem few and far between, especially in comparison to how often our phones and computers get upgraded.

However Panasonic is rolling out a couple of newbies this week with some new features that might give you another reason to change out one of your home’s central appliances.

Different from Samsung’s recent arrivals with a screen built into the body, Panasonic’s latest models look more like what you’d expect a fridge to arrive with. Built for 422 litres each, the Panasonic NR-BX421 models have complex model number names (BX421BUSA for stainless steel and BX421BPKA for glossy black), but make up for it with some features intended to keep the food fresh for a longer period.

Beyond the finish, each is the same, offering a drawer for fruits and veggies that holds the humidity at 90 percent to keep goods crisp, while also making it airtight when closed to limit chances at spoilage.

The fridges also include a deodorising and antibacterial filter to clean the circulated air, dealing with spoilage another way, while Panasonic’s “Prime Fresh+ Freezing” technology aims to freeze lightly in a soft state, a process called “soft freezing” by holding the temperature at -3 Celsius and preventing the texture of meat from degrading by being too frosty and hard.

“We have developed this range to deliver state-of-the-art cooling and food storage technologies that offer maximum flavour and convenience,” said Ginger Yu, Product Marketing Manager for Appliances at Panasonic in Australia.

“These new models feature fresh and safe storage, while minimising energy wastage. It really is a win-win for our consumers,” she said.

The fridges also arrived with extra compartments for food, plus sensors to monitor energy usage to optimise performance and reduce electricity usage, while also including a twice ice tray in the freezer, because that sort of thing might be important when the warmer months roll around.

Priced from $1549 in Australia, the Panasonic BX421 fridges are hitting electronics and appliance retailers across the country now.

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