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Optus, Uber connect for phone deliveries across capital cities

Going into stores isn’t actually a thing in major Australian cities right now, and you probably know why. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get things delivered.

Even though big parts of major cities across Australia are dealing with lockdowns right now — thanks coronavirus — deliveries are still clearly going on, as locals turn to the expertise of couriers and delivery drivers to get their goods at home.

And they happen from all sorts of places. You can get your food and groceries delivered from the big and little supermarkets, and you can get grog that way, too. You’ll naturally get anything from Amazon or other retailers through a delivery, be it a courier or the post, and let’s not forget the ever useful lunch and dinner delivery for when you just don’t want to cook.

Phone deliveries may well be next, as Optus tries something in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane.

The idea is that because you can’t go into an Optus store right now — at least in a few places, due to lockdown restrictions and the need to stay home — you can have what you need delivered to you, and something Optus has said can happen in around an hour, give or take.

It’s what the company says is an Australian first, connecting with Uber to get goods to customers quickly, allowing you to purchase from Optus stores and have those sent out as fast as possible, getting them to you the same day for no extra cost.

“Optus creates innovative options and wow moments that customers love, which is why we are excited to be leading the industry through our partnership with Uber,” said Matt Williams, Managing Director of Marketing and Revenue at Optus.

The collaboration is one that only works in select locations, with you needing to be in reach of Broadway, Parramatta Westfield, or Miranda in Sydney; Bourke St Mall, Chadstone, or Highpoint in Melbourne; or Garden City, Springfield, or Strathpine in Brisbane. If you’re anywhere else, the speedy Optus/Uber delivery isn’t a thing, and is only available at the Optus stores in those regions.

You won’t find those Uber points credited back to your account, mind you, something Optus confirmed with Pickr doesn’t actually reflect an individual’s Uber account, though it did note that it’s something the company could add later on.

However, for folks keen to try to it, they simply need to call their local store, place an order, and provided it’s not super busy, should get it the same day.

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