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Nintendo ups the colour with OLED Switch

There’s a new portable console on the way, as Nintendo boost the screen size a little, as well as the colour of mobile gaming.

Mobile gaming might typically see itself on the phone, but it’s not the only place to game on the go, and the latest may be from Nintendo.

The maker of Mario has a new model on the way, and it’s a bit of an upgrade, but also not a major one at the same time.

While the Nintendo Switch may well be the most mobile of the current gaming consoles out in the world, it’s seeing an update of technology, with the console borrowing from TVs with an OLED screen, coming in the aptly named Nintendo Switch OLED.

The new model sees an update to not just the screen, but also its screen size, boosting from the 6.2 inch LCD of the original and the 5.5 inches of the smaller model, the Switch Lite. Rather, Nintendo is offering a 7 inch OLED option, increasing the size and improving the technology considerably.

Much like the OLED TVs released by LG and Sony, Nintendo is relying on a screen technology where the blacks occur from pixels switching off, even if the resolution isn’t remarkably high. At 720p only (1280×720), it’s a relatively low-end display, especially in a world where Full HD has become the standard, though it’s in line with the entire line of Nintendo Switch models, all of which are 720p.

The new OLED Switch will support the same battery life of the original, running from 4.5 to 9 hours, and is compatible with all the games of the Switch, as well. It is basically a minor update with a new screen, a stand that can be pushed to be wider, a new dock with an Ethernet port that can also be plugged into the TV, and detachable controllers like the standard Switch.

It’s not a dramatic change, mind you, and the new Switch OLED still lacks Bluetooth for audio, meaning if you want to listen to the sound of the game console without sharing it with the world, you’ll need to plug right in.

However it will see more vivid colours thanks to that OLED screen, and may give people another reason to check out the Switch, at least until a properly updated model arrives, possibly next year. Here’s hoping that has Bluetooth on-board, given it’s not exactly a new technology.

Folks interested in the Nintendo Switch OLED edition will find it in stores and online in Australia from October 8, where it will retail for $539.95.

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