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Nexvoo shows your face, filters the air

Face masks aren’t going away for a while, but if you tire of not showing your toothy grin, a gadget style at CES might just bring it back.

Largely as expected in our 2021 trends, gadgety face masks are becoming a thing. It’s taken about a year, and LG was one of the first companies to experiment with it, but the connected face mask is finally happening, and quite a few companies are getting involved.

We’ve seen one at CES 2021 that combined a microphone and pair of earphones with the face mask, and now there’s one that’s less about connections to your phone, and more the connection you have with the real world, namely your face.

It’s coming from a startup named Nexvoo, that has one of the more direct face masks we’ve seen, because it’s clear and transparent, but also comes with a couple of fans to deal with the outside air. There’s even a UV light to sanitise the mask’s filters while charging.

We’re not sure this is the future we want to live in, and this takes the mask to a kind of level that is so industrial, we can’t see many people using it, but if you feel you need a mask that’s a little more aggressive than a standard mask, Nexvoo might have you covered this year.

As to when this one will be coming to Australia, we have no idea if it even will. Much like other random gadgets from CES, you can probably expect this one to be available online.

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