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MaskFone at CES 2021

MaskFone turns PPE into a smartphone headset

Not a fan of the muffled voice when you wear that mask for walking around town? There’s a gadgety solution at CES.

We’re a little surprised we haven’t seen as many digitally-connected masks pop up in the past year, what with the coronavirus making a dent on society, but over at CES 2021, some start-ups are changing that.

While LG might have been among the first to play with a connected mask, the smart mask was one of our expected trends for this year, and CES is showing that some companies are thinking about it.

One of them is MaskFone, which has a novel solution for masks wearing in the age of pandemic: a mask with a built-in microphone and set of earphones.

The MaskFone supports up to 8 hours of play through earphones that are wired to the mask, but the earphones can be removed so the mask can be washed. The microphone inside reportedly supports noise isolation, while the mask itself offers a five layer filtration system and supports a PM2.5 filter, as well as being IPX5 water and sweat resistant.

With the coronavirus still making a dent around the world, MaskFone’s introduction at CES 2021 is definitely on brand for the year, and may provide a form of PPE that keeps people speaking and listening to their tunes, though it’s one that doesn’t have a local price or release date for Australian.

It can be found at MaskFone’s online store presence, however, with a $50 USD practically assuring that the sound quality might not be stellar, even if the idea is one we’re keen to see.

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