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LG Gram laptops at CES

LG laptops set to return to Australia with ultra-light “Gram”

It’s been some time since LG brought a laptop to Australia, but in 2021, the super light LG notebooks are back.

With CES 2021 beginning to heat up and the virtual events for the all-online show now happening, you might be wondering just what’s next. We’ve had a few TVs today, what with Hisense and Samsung showing off 8K TVs, but we’ve not seen a computer.

Fortunately, there’s one of those being talked up, as LG brings one of its very light “Gram” computers back to CES, not only winning an award, but also looking good for an Australian release date.

If you’ve not heard of LG’s laptops, don’t worry, you’re not alone. LG used to have a presence in the Australian laptop world, but it disappeared a few years ago, while still showing new machines at CES. They’re typically built to be light, and this year’s is no different, with the 2021 LG Gram range now covering 14 inch, 16 inch, and 17 inch laptops, the smallest belonging to the 14 inch 14Z90P.

Built to represent its name, LG’s Gram chimes in at 999 grams, while featuring an Intel Core 11th gen processor built to be small and light (suggesting Intel Evo), up to 16GB RAM, two slots of SSD (M2 NVMe), support for Thunderbolt 4 and USB 4, HDMI, microSD, WiFi 6, and a 14 inch screen. There’s a similar approach through the range, whether you look at the 14, 16, or 17 inch computers, but that 14 inch is the lightest LG Gram model, with the rest ranging between 1.19 kilogram and 1.48 kg.

This year, the LG Gram computers have also won a CES Innovation Award, and for a change, LG says select models will arrive in Australia this year, but hasn’t said which ones.

That’s good news for folks looking for a thin and light competitor in the laptop space, though we expect they’ll be waiting until February or March to see LG’s Gram return to our spot of land on this side of the world.

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