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Foxtel preps a Flash of a news stream on-demand

You have lots of ways of checking the news, but if news is what you dig, a new service that blends live news is coming.

There will be yet another streaming service joining Australia next month, and if watching news from all over the world is your jam, it may well be catered to you.

Called “Flash”, Foxtel hasn’t exactly said what news the new service will cover, beyond acknowledging “more than 20 local and global live news services”.

Given that Foxtel already offers no less than ten news services on its service, including four from Sky News, as well as BBC World News, CNN, and CNBC, we’d say there’s a pretty easy bet the Flash service will cover what Foxtel presently has, with others yet to be announced.

However, Foxtel expects that Flash will tap into how many Australians are jumping into streaming services, joining the recent arrival of Paramount+ in what is clearly a crowded assortment of choices, including Netflix, Stan, Disney+, Hayo, Amazon Prime Video, and others, before even mentioning the local catch-up services.

There is also, of course, Foxtel’s own flavour of on-demand streaming services launched in the past couple of years, with the Kayo sports service and the streaming style of Foxtel in what is Binge.

“Flash won’t be what the market expects,” said Patrick Delany, CEO of the Foxtel Group.

“It will be more than simply aggregating live channels,” he said. “Our experience and technology platform gives us the ability to draw on successful Kayo features and innovations to provide an outstanding news experience for our subscribers.”

While Foxtel hasn’t said how much Flash will cost, it won’t likely be a free service like the news service offered in ABC News 24, Australia’s free live news service offered by the ABC. However it will launch next month, so we’ll know exactly what it offers and how much you can expect to pay in the not too distant future.

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