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Catch offers a $9 mobile plan for folks with few needs

Mobile plans can cost $30 or $40 normally, but one of Australia’s online retailers plans to let Aussies with budget needs get online for a budget price.

With the world changing rapidly and not everyone out and about as much as they might have been, it may not come as much of a surprise that your data needs could be different. If you previously needed more gigabytes out and about and were courting a 50GB to 100GB data allowance for your phone, there’s a good chance your numbers have been a little more reserved ever since working from home became a thing more for everyone.

That means your data allowances now might be much lower than they needed to be last year, and with how much choice there is in the market, also mean you might be looking around.

Of course, Australians have no shortage of telco options, between the big three — Telstra, Optus, and Vodafone — and the sheer numbers of smaller operators reliant on those big three to make their own plays for mobile users.

In fact, as Telstra makes serious changes to its postpaid plans, one of the smaller MVNOs is this month offering a change in how prepaid plans are offered, focusing on lower price tags for people who might not need that much to download overall.

It’s coming via Catch Connect, a small telco offering run by the Australian e-tailer Catch, which has launched plans offering unlimited text and talk inside the country, plus modest amounts of data for $9, $15, and $29.

At the lowest, the $9 plan might be one of the more affordable prepaid options around, with a 4GB amount of data for positively low needs and a 30 day expiration, while the $15 prepaid delivers 18GB with 30 days of use. Meanwhile, there’s also a 90 day option arriving in the $29 Catch Connect prepaid offer, which offers 20GB over the course of three months.

“Over the past 12 months, we have seen the needs of Australians shift tremendously, as they adapted from in-office working to remote working and back to semi-remote working set ups,” said Ryan Gracie, Chief Marketing Officer of Catch.

“As situations continue to change, we recognise the importance of flexibility, value and consistency when choosing a mobile plan,” he said.

While Catch’s prepaid plans are definitely focused on the low-end, they might be perfectly suited to kids and family members, and potentially mean data can be provided on the cheap, as opposed to going on a long term plan. They’re not the only plans on offer from Catch Connect, which uses the Optus 4G network and offers larger 30 day sizes ranging between 30GB and 150GB, but these are definitely some of the least expensive we’ve seen in Australia.

You’ll find the Catch budget mobile plans available now online.

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