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Australian IQU enters the value Android tablet game

There’s random arrival or two at the end of the year from a new Aussie company sporting 4G tablets focused on budgets.

If you had a random Australian player entering the world of tablets locally on your bingo card, it’s time to collect your winnings. One of the former heads of Alcatel’s presence in Australia, Sam Skontos, is entering the world of tablets with a new company, and it appears to have budget tablet buyers in mind.

If you’re someone who’s glanced at the iPad’s price and thought it wasn’t for you, or maybe not for your kids, the new tablets appear to be built with those thoughts in mind, with low prices equipped with 4G and WiFi.

They’re coming from a company we’ve not seen prior, IQU, which is launching two tablets running Android 11 Go, giving us an idea of the performance of the tablets and the rough focus. Simply put, you can expect these made for budgets and information on the go, missing out on gaming performance and such, but being built to take an internet experience out and about without needing to spend up big.

IQU's 8 inch Android tablet.
IQU’s 8 inch Android tablet.

The two Android tablets being launched by IQU cover an 8 inch model in the T8 and a 10.1 inch in the T10, both with 4G and WiFi, and priced at $199 and $249 respectively, with similar specs to match their low-end pricing.

Each has an HD-only screen, set to 1280×800, while the chip is the entry-level Unisoc Tiger T310, a chip we don’t see very often equally matched to that budget focus the tablet price points seem set for.

Price might be the one major upside of the IQU tablet duo, but budget appears fairly sizeable, too, with a 3000mAh in the 8 inch and a 5000mAh in the 10 inch.

The price, however, really does seem to be the main sticking point, with 4G and WiFi bundled into each, for below $250 regardless of size. That could make it a shoe-in for families looking for a way to keep kids busy while on road trips, with the only thing needed beyond that tablet maybe being a SIM card to keep kids connected.

Availability of IQU’s T8 and T10 tablets looks set for December, priced at $199 and $249 respectively from SIMConnect.

IQU's 10.1 inch T10 4G tablet.
IQU’s 10.1 inch T10 4G tablet.
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