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Arlo Indoor Camera, shown at CES 2021

Arlo adds a camera for inside, doorbell without touch

Arlo adds an indoor camera in its latest additions, plus a way to ring a doorbell without having to touch anything.

It’s not just TVs and computers getting talked up at CES, as home security gets a mention, too. That’s what’s coming from Arlo, which is using the CES 2021 show to talk up a camera for inside the home, plus a new style of doorbell, as well, both of which have managed to win a CES Innovation Award this year.

The new products include the Arlo Essential Indoor Camera, which looks like a new edition of the Arlo Q, a camera that stays plugged in and can monitor any room where it’s set up. Simply put, you’ll leave this in rooms of your home, and use Arlo’s motion and audio detection to pick up on what’s happening inside.

Arlo’s Indoor Camera does come with a “Privacy Shield”, however, allowing the camera to switch off its detection, and only activating as and when Arlo app users need it to.

That’s a different concept from Arlo’s other CES Innovation Award winner this year, another gadget set to arrive later in the year, the Touchless Video Doorbell.

Built on the work from Arlo’s previous video doorbells, the newest take on the technology uses a proximity sensor to work out how close someone is to the doorbell, and then have the doorbell’s camera close in on the person before ringing a digital doorbell and showing a light to let that person know a doorbell has been pressed.

“Arlo is constantly working to deliver added peace of mind to our users,” said Brad Little, Vice President and Managing Director of Arlo in the Asia Pacific region.

“Security solutions like the Essential Indoor Camera and its integrated privacy shield prove our ongoing commitment to privacy and home security excellence,” he said.

While both of these gadgets look interesting, neither has a release date or price in Australia, though we’ll let you know if either changes.

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