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Amaysim gets unlimited data banking for customers

If you’re not using your data because you’re home more often, one mobile carrier is making it possible to use all of it at a later date.

With much of the country on target to see more of us out and about in the coming months, mobile data might actually get more use than merely be that alternative to when home broadband speeds aren’t quite cutting it. And for the past few months for many Australians, that’s been what mobile data has been doing.

While parts of Australia are in lockdown, data on mobile plans isn’t quite getting as flexed as it once was, gathering dust and getting unused. It might have seen you drop down to a different plan or wonder if you could bank your data for use later, and it’s why one mobile carrier has been thinking about that.

Now owned by Optus, Amaysim has launched data banking for its mobile plans, allowing you to set aside unused data for as long as they want with no expiry period, provided they don’t cancel their service, port their number, or switch to a different plan.

It means if you have 40GB left over each month on a 50GB plan, you could easily rack up to 200GB after four months provided you stay on the same plan. From what we understand, switching to something lower or higher would relinquish that data storage and see you start from scratch banking it once again. However, if you stick on the same plan, it’s possible to get as much data collectively from your unused data as possible.

“We have a simple objective at Amaysim and that is to provide great value mobile plans with outstanding customer service,” said Isaac Ward, Chief Operating Officer at Amaysim.

“Our customers have been asking us for the data banking feature recently, so in true Amaysim style, we listened and delivered,” he said. “We put our customers first in everything we do and have always offered amazing value mobile and data but now with this exciting new feature our plans are certainly among the best available in market.”

Amaysim’s unlimited data banking is available for all customers on the mobile carrier now.

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