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Alexa teaches language skills by calling out

Lockdown isn’t easy, but if you’re using this time to learn something new, Alexa might have a language course for you.

With much of Australia in lockdown, finding something to do with all that time spent in the same place can be a little difficult. The same walls, the same desk, the same day in and day out waiting for the rest of the state and country to catch up with what you’re doing, staying in and staying safe.

There are things you can do to, with lockdown games and plenty of things to do with technology, and if you have an Amazon smart speaker, you might be able to ask Alexa for a little bit of help for that last one.

While the typical “ask Alexa” routines serve things like playing music, checking the news, and maybe even ordering some food, there are plenty out there beyond the basics, some of which may give you the ability to learn a language via a smart speaker.

It means owners of gadgets such as the Amazon Echo smart speaker and Echo Show smart display can gradually learn a language with a skill enabled, calling on an app to teach you spoken language skills over the course of minutes in the day.

There’s a starter pack in Daily Dose by Innovative Language, while Slow French, Slow German, and Slow Italian offer a bit of a brush up for people with some language skills that might be languishing, especially with no way to get to those places and keep it up amidst lockdown.

The apps, which are available across Alexa and can run simply by enabling and calling out for Alexa and the specific apps, basically allow language lessons to occur without a whole lot of extra effort, meaning they’re things you can do while you’re doing something else, or even dedicating time to them.

A little like short podcasts, Alexa’s language courses are available now across the Amazon Alexa skill system.

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