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World Health Organisation connects with Messenger for easy info

Information on the COVID-19 coronavirus can be found everywhere, but if you’re looking for details in an easy to find place, WHO has the answers on Facebook.

There’s no shortage of reporting about the coronavirus, but it doesn’t mean everyone is doing it right.

There are sources, and then there are official sources of health information, and if you’re struggling to find the real deal about what you should do and how you can potentially catch what’s going around, you might only need turn to a copy of Facebook Messenger.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has teamed up with Facebook’s Messenger platform to make things just that little bit easier, launching an automated system that’s a little like a touch-tone information system, except for Messenger.

To start, you essentially send the WHO a message, and it in turn sends automated responses back to you based on a selection of numbers. Pick a language and then what you need to know, and it’ll send you messages, including how to protect yourself from the COVID-19 coronavirus, news about it, and an official link for the latest numbers.

While it doesn’t link to one of the more useful database sources at the Johns Hopkins University of Medicine, the WHO’s Messenger system does provide information in a pinch simply by using a common messaging platform, and across numerous devices, pretty much across phone, tablet, and computer.

It’s available now, and you simply need to connect with the World Health Organisation on Facebook Messenger to begin.

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