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TwelveSouth builds a pint-sized case for AirPods

Looking for a tiny way to transport AirPods? TwelveSouth has something if your pocket or other bag isn’t good enough.

We typically carry small earphones and earbuds in our pocket, but not everyone is interested in doing that. In fact, if you prefer a small carrying case for your small earphones, it’s actually now a thing.

Accessory and peripheral maker Twelve South has been working on something inspired by a small bag from musical artist Lizzo, with a tiny bag specifically made for earphones.

It’s something Twelve South calls the AirBag, which is to say it’s a tiny bag specifically made to carry a pair of small earphones, specifically that of the Apple AirPods or AirPods Pro.

Both the AirPods and AirPods Pro feature a similar size in their case, and are designed to fit in the leather AirBag, though may be able to fit other items, too, such as similarly sized earphones, keys, or other small items.

Frankly, we’d just as sooner throw our earphones in our pocket or a pouch of our backpack, but if you’re interested in Twelve South’s bag, you may want to act relatively quickly, with only 1000 being made.

Locally, there’s no Australian price, with the AirBag arriving for $50 USD, though it’s possible a subsequent version could arrive later with an Australian price and release.

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