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Ring Indoor Cam

Ring bolsters home security with an affordable indoor camera

After making a dent on doors with one of the best doorbell security systems, Ring is turning to its next target: securing the inside of the home, too.

Your door might be the guardian and gatekeeper of your home, but it’s not the only place where security needs to be. Outside, you can place security cameras and floodlights to warn off would-be intruders, but inside is handy to have cameras just in case someone finds that way in, or does so from an angle you might not expect.

Even though you can set up cameras outside that very door, someone might try a different avenue, such as a window, and so indoor security cameras are also handy in key places, as well. They don’t have to be on at all times, but rather can be triggered for when you’re not there, capturing in the event that something does happen, so you know what’s going on.

However cameras do come at a cost, and so if you’re looking to keep security costs down, it’s the one thing you might not be looking at.

Ring is hoping to change how we deal with those security costs, though, and has launched an indoor security camera for $99 locally. The approach could bolster home security efforts, providing an indoor security camera for homes and businesses looking to add Full HD video, motion zones, night vision, motion detection, and even two-way talk through the camera to someone on the other side, all for a relatively low price.

It’s a camera that is fairly unobtrusive, and integrates directly with the Amazon Alexa virtual assistant, but should be controllable via app, as well.

Ring Indoor Cam

Ring does state that its $99 Indoor Cam is an indoor only camera, however, relying on plug-in power and lacking water resistance, so don’t leave it outside. For protecting the outside, Ring has the Video Doorbell, as well as the newest and third version of its Stick Up Cam, which takes much the same concept as the indoor cam, but makes the camera weather resistant and allows you to keep the camera powered using either a battery or solar panel.

“We’re excited to bring customers our most affordable camera yet, and provide even more security options with Ring Indoor Cam and the all new Ring Stick Up Cam,” said Jamie Siminoff, Founder and Chief Inventor of Ring.

“As a team of inventors, we are constantly pushing ourselves to identify innovative, cost effective and easy-to-use security products that make our neighbourhoods safer,” he said. “With our growing lineup of both indoor and outdoor cams, varying in size and functionality, our customers have choices when determining how best to secure their homes.”

Ring’s Indoor Cam is set to be available in mid-February for $99, while the outdoor equivalent in the Ring Stick Up Cam will see release this week from $179.

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