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Netflix previews what’s coming with “Worth the Wait”

It’s one thing to switch over from Netflix to another service because you’re not sure what’s coming, but what if you could get a glimpse ahead of time? That’s now part of Netflix.

There are more streaming video services than you can count on one hand, and between them, it’s not altogether surprising to see a trailer or two showing what’s coming.

Usually, these trailers give a glimpse of the future in the space of a week or two, but lack the entire slate of what you have to look forward to. That might be a concern if you’re considering switching away from one, especially if you’ve been binging the service lately, stay-at-home pandemic and all, and aren’t sure if you still need to stay on it.

So Netflix is trying something alongside some updates this week, releasing a couple of features that it has been testing, and not just offering easier access to what’s new and popular, but also a slate of what is coming.

Netflix's "New & Popular" addition

In Australia (and much of the rest of the world), the Netflix apps are getting a slight reorganisation, adopting a new menu option for “New & Popular”, so you don’t necessarily need to scroll through countless lists to find what’s new and trending on the service.

Inside that menu screen, Netflix is including two sections for what’s coming soon: a regular “Coming Soon” row of movies and TV shows about ready to be released, and another that may take a bit more time.

That new row is called “Worth the Wait”, and it’s Netflix’s attempt to give you an idea of what’s coming further off in the distance, over the next few months and further, as a way of saying Netflix has stuff in the pipeline.

The feature will also include a reminder feature to give you an alert for when it does come out, but more than that, it may end up being useful for folks unsure if Netflix has what they want on screens just yet, and whether anything is coming that looks interesting.

"Worth the Wait" in Netflix

With so many services out there, Netflix’s Worth the Wait feature could end up saving a little bit of money in the process, because if you find nothing is worth waiting for or something is but it’s further down the track, it might guide you on whether you could unsubscribe for the moment until that program is released.

We’re checking with Netflix in Australia to find out whether Worth the Wait does work this way, as if you’re keeping a subscription live just for a show or film later down the track, it might be handy to know when it comes out, and to shift your subscription based on those dates, rather than simply pay the cost the whole time.

For now, subscribers should see this feature in the coming weeks, though dependent on how you watch Netflix — smart TV, website, or Apple TV — it might take a little longer depending on how they update.

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