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Microsoft outs its Xbox Series S, but no Australian price

Microsoft has a new console coming this year, but it won’t be the only variation. Yep, there’s an “S” model coming for the new generation of the Xbox.

While the year might not have gone the way most expected, some things are still kind of on target. Granted, foldable phones still haven’t quite taken the world by storm, and 5G reception could clearly do with some work, but a new generation of video game consoles seems squarely on track for the end of the year.

Yep, both Microsoft’s Xbox and Sony’s PlayStation look set to see new models later in the year, as the next-generation of each arrive in time for the holiday season.

So far, there will be two models of Sony’s PlayStation 5, announced earlier in the year as one with a Blu-ray drive, and another being an all-digital edition that will save a bit of money for folks who can go without the optical movie-playing drive.

And while we knew the Microsoft Xbox would arrive at the end of the year, now we have a good idea of two, as Microsoft has shared a tweet noting the second model that will appear, the Xbox Series S.

Looking a little like the Xbox One S or one of IKEA’s Bluetooth speakers, the Xbox Series S appears to be Microsoft’s answer to gaming in the next-generation, but without as big of a price.

From Microsoft’s own tweet, it appears the new console will sit at $299 USD, which suggests a local price of between $349 and $399. If the Xbox Series S did arrive at this price in Australia, it would suggest a direct replacement for the Xbox One S, which presently sits around this.

Right now, pricing on either model — the Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S — are both speculation, as Microsoft hasn’t yet announced pricing on either. That said, it should be coming soon, because there’s a strong likelihood the Australian launch of the new Xbox models isn’t terribly far off, and is possibly as close as within the next two months.

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