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Epson’s TW5700 projector can work over the air

Projectors typically need an HDMI cable to get video on the big screen, but the latest model from Epson can go wire free.

Devices change with the times, and that goes for many categories. Your phone isn’t just a mobile to make or take calls on, because there’s more that thing can do. The same is true with other gadgets in your life, and even some that might not be there.

Take your TV: what was previously just something to watch free-to-air has a lot more going for it these days than it once did, because there are apps built in, and possibly a whole lot more.

The projector is also becoming like that, as evident by a new model from Epson. With the launch of the EH-TW5700, Epson has jumped into a world where a projector can use the HDMI cable like it normally does, but also can get its video feed simply by using Chromecast, as it features the Google technology built directly in.

That means folks with an iPhone or Android device (or even a computer) can stream directly to the projector without needing to plug a cable in, but the TW5700 also includes a media player with apps itself, providing yet more support for movies without the cable. You can still use a HDMI on the projector, that said, with HDMI being the one video port found on this device.

Regardless of what you use, you’ll find a 1080p Full HD experience, using a 3LCD chip, a 2700 lumens bulb, and even support for 3D, though the glasses are optional for this projector.

Essentially, it’s sounds like the Epson TW5700 is projector for people who want a big picture without a big cable, and while it lacks the big resolution we’re seeing from newer models as of recent, models that may sport a 4K resolution, its main focus appears to be on ease of use in a wireless world. Support for Bluetooth is also there, adding to the wireless capability, and potentially allowing a speaker system to operate wirelessly, just like the picture.

Price is like other projectors, however, with Epson seeing the TW5700 land online and in select stores later this month for $1599.

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