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Echo Show 8

Amazon makes its Echo Show mid-range with an 8 inch make

One Echo smart display might have been too small, and another could be too big. But the 8 inch Echo display might be just right.

Technology often arrives in big sizes to impress, and then small sizes for folks who may not want the big, yet the middle ground isn’t always catered for. Much like Goldilocks and the Three Bears, sometimes the one that’s not big or small is just right.

That’s one of the positives of technology, because you can typically find products in numerous sizes for buyers of all types and backgrounds, and it’s an area where Amazon is dabbling in some more. A company that has numerous sizes of speakers, it now has three types of smart displays, as the Echo Show expands from small to medium to big.

The latest in the range is the 8 inch Echo Show 8, marginally bigger than the 5 inch Echo Show 5 and smaller than the 10 inch Echo Show, offering similar features from each, but in a mid-range approach.

Amazon’s Echo Show 8 relies on an eight inch screen, borrowing the 1 megapixel camera from the Echo Show 5 for video chats, while two 10 watt speakers similar to the 10 inch Echo Show. The result is an 8 inch Amazon with the same Alexa voice control as Amazon’s other speakers and smart displays.

Australians will see it from February 26, and while it will normally carry a price of $229 locally, Amazon is hoping to sweeten the deal with a half price tag until a day before release, putting it near the price of the smallest model, the Echo Show 5 which normally carries a $129 tag.

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