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Adobe’s Max conference goes virtual, free in 2020

Video might have killed the radio star, but coronavirus definitely killed the trade show and conference this year, as another one moves online, this time from Adobe.

Yet another show is skipping the real world, as a trade show goes online in October. We’ve lost count of how many physical shows have made the jump to virtual and online counterparts, though at one point, we kept a list, and these days, just assume that any and all events will be digital only.

It’s happening next year for CES, and before then, it will happen for Adobe’s Max show, with 2020 seeing the event go online and virtual, and in a nice change, free for everyone.

Adobe has sent word that folks keen to learn and be inspired by some of the visual and digital artistic endeavours out there will be able to pay attention online from October 20 to October 22, providing a sort of pre-Halloween set of online sessions and talks, some of which will include names like Keanu Reeves and Annie Leibovitz, while you can also expect a product announcement or two.

The change to making Max a free thing is definitely welcome, as it’s usually a bit of a costly event, charging almost $600 USD per head, not including the flights to America where it’s run. That is clearly off the cards this year, as flying out isn’t something most are keen to do, even if they can, making the online and free version of Max just that much more useful.

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