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Sony PlayStation 5 coming holiday season 2020

There hasn’t been an official PlayStation announcement of sorts, but ahead of the console and its games being shown next year, Sony is talking up what you can expect from the PS5.

You may not believe it, but there’s a new line of next-generation consoles on the way, and they could be here next year. The current line-up consisting of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 is on the verge of being replaced, with next year likely heralding a change in product.

Project Scarlett is next for the Xbox, hinted at earlier in the year by Microsoft at CES and expected to arrive in 2020, and it’s not the only console.

This week, Sony has released a few details about its next console, which will be unsurprisingly called the PlayStation 5.

While Microsoft’s Project Scarlett has already mentioned support for 8K and high-end graphics, Sony is instead talking about its controllers, with a different take on the “DualShock” rumble technology that has been in its controllers since the first PlayStation arrived in the late 90s.

The focus this time will be on a deeper sense of immersion, with the rumble tech replaced with haptic feedback, similar to what’s in phones these days. Sony has said this will allow gamers to feel “a broader range of feedback” when they play. Alongside the improvements to force feedback, Sony will be including “adaptive triggers” in the L2 and R2 buttons, working alongside the haptics to provide resistance in the triggers to match on-screen actions.

Sony hasn’t yet talked up the graphics or performance, but you can expect this to be pretty high up there when the PlayStation 5 is properly announced next year.

Next year, more 8K TVs are expected, which means you can expect gaming consoles to support it, as well. That’s essentially a sure sign that the Sony PS5 will support 8K Ultra HD, especially given the Xbox Project Scarlett has already talked it up, as well.

There’s one other bit of information worth letting sink in, with a release date for the Sony PlayStation 5 earmarked for the 2020 holiday season, which means by the end of next year. That might just stop you from buying a PS4 this year unless the prices drop, which given this news, they just might even more.

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