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Pizza Hut turns to Facebook Messenger for modern ordering

You can order food from websites and apps these days, and now if you live on Messenger, you can do it there, as well.

We’re always curious to see how technology can change food, and while you can find fridges that are connected to the web and genetically modified examples of food science, sometimes it’s just the act of ordering that technology can make an impact on.

You’d be hard pressed to find someone living in a major Australian city who hasn’t tried Deliveroo, UberEats, Menulog, or another app-based delivery service, as these are the ways food delivery has been shifted to, outside of simply ordering from the company’s website.

But they’re not the only option, and this week, if you spend your time on Facebook’s Messenger app talking to friends and family, you can also use that same service to talk to at least one food deliverer, starting up a conversation with Pizza Hut.

Yes, it’s a bit strange, but still neat all the same, as Pizza Hut employs automation to let you pick between certain things and bypass the website to order directly from a messaging service.

You’ll have to talk to “Pizza Hut Instant Ordering” to make it work, sending a message to that digital friend, where you can do almost all of the things you might do on the website or app, such as customise pizzas or add desserts.

But we did say “almost all”, because there is a slight catch: you can’t use coupon codes on the Pizza Hut Messenger service.

At least not yet, anyway, as representatives for Pizza Hut confirmed that “Pizza Hut Instant Ordering does not support promo codes in this launch phase”, but said that is was “certainly being considered for future development”.

That means if you typically rely on a code to get a $15 delivered pizza down to something less expensive, and hope to get maybe some drinks and garlic bread bundled in, this is not the way to do it.

Instead, you’ll want to rely on some other way of ordering your food, because at the time this was launched, this was not part of the options.

Pizza Hut ordering over Facebook Messenger

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