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Huawei Watch GT Elegant

Huawei Watch GT is now Active, Elegant

Looking for a smartwatch with a long battery life? The latest options from Huawei could see you leaving it on for at least a week, and as much as two.

The smartwatch world offers a fair amount of choice, but much of it comes with a battery life that is less than friendly for the regular work week.

Watches on the whole don’t need much of a charge, offering batteries that just keep going, yet there are smartwatches that need a more consistent charge after a day or two. That can be hard to get used to, and means the regularity of wearing a watch is broken up by needing to charge it time and time again.

That might be while you’re having a shower, while you’re sleeping, or some other “idle” time you have going on in the distance, and generally at a time when you’re not thinking about doing something sporting, because smartwatches are built not just for the time, but for tracking. Smartwatches track steps, movement, and heart rate, and some do it more often than others.

Last year when we checked out the Huawei Watch GT, we were treated to something that could get over a full week of battery life, something that is practically unheard of in full colour smartwatches.

This year, there are two more in that style, as Huawei adds to the Watch GT range with the Watch GT Active and the Watch GT Elegant, similar takes on what was presented last year, but with slightly different focuses.

The Huawei Watch GT Active is closer to what we saw in the Watch GT last year — something Huawei now calls the Watch GT Classic — and features a 46mm face with a 1.39 inch AMOLED screen, alongside a chip and battery optimised to pull in up to two weeks of battery life.

What’s more, it includes heart rate tracking able to handle 24 hours of monitoring in real time with workout tracking in a technology Huawei calls “TruSeen 3.0”, while sleep tracking in “TruSleep 2.0” offers breathing and sleep analysis to provide suggestions to improve the quality of sleep.

Unlike the Watch GT Classic, the strap on the Watch GT Active is made from a synthetic rubber called fluroelastomer, and is available in orange or green.

A little bit different, the Huawei Watch GT Elegant trades the big size and big battery for a 42mm 1.2 inch AMOLED screen, pulling back to a maximum of one week of battery life with a pearl white or black fluroelastomer strap.

“We believe this is the perfect companion for Aussies who are always on the go,” said Huawei Australia’s Larking Huang.

“The Watch GT series has already drawn much acclaim globally for its ultra-long battery life, sophisticated activity tracking and fitness coaching,” he said. “We have seen huge interest from consumers across the world, with more than two million Watch GTs sold since October last year. The incredible sales of this watch makes Huawei one of the top 3 global smart watch sellers in the world and we are excited to launch the latest devices in Australia.”

Finding Huawei’s new smartwatches may not be easy, however. Both the Huawei Watch GT Active and Watch GT Elegant will retail for $399 locally, however current availability is scheduled for later August from Mobileciti. That means an online store with one physical location is the only place to find the new watches from, at least for the moment. We’ll let you know if that changes.

Huawei Watch GT Active and Huawei Watch GT Elegant

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