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Google’s top searches show what Australians looked for

There are around 25 million Australians, and from what Google says, many were searching for the same things in 2019.

Ever wonder if you’re alone in your thoughts? You’re probably not, but just in case you thought you were alone in what you searched for, your searches might have been common this year.

Depending on just what you looked for in 2019, you might have been in a majority, as Google has revealed the top searched in Australia for 2019, as part of its annual “Year in Search” roundup.

This year, there were five consistent themes, including environmental disasters including the NSW fires and Townsville flooding, sporting events, an Australian need to get questions answered such as “How to win the Powerball” and “how to build a deck”, food searches including the very popular “plant based recipes”, and for information on celebrities who died.

The most common search in 2019 should hardly be surprising, though, with Australians heading to their Google search box or omnibar (that’s the address bar in Chrome on desktop and mobile), and typing in “fires near me”. Just behind this is “Rugby World Cup” and “Cricket World Cup”, while “Thanos” and “Avengers Endgame” made points near the middle.

  1. Fires near me
  2. Rugby World Cup
  3. Cricket World Cup
  4. Election results Australia 2019
  5. Cameron Boyce
  6. Thanos
  7. Avengers Endgame
  8. Danny Frawley
  9. The fall of the Berlin wall
  10. Christchurch shooting

If you’re perhaps curious what Australians wanted to cook this year, the trending recipes included “frittata recipes”, “scones recipes”, and at the top of the list, “plant based recipes”. If you’ve always wanted to know how to make plant based ingredients shine, or even what they are, Google may have the answer Australians turned to.

  1. Plant based recipes
  2. Scones recipes
  3. Beef stroganoff recipes
  4. MKR recipes 2019
  5. Apple pie recipes
  6. Frittata recipes
  7. Fried rice recipes
  8. Risotto recipes
  9. Hello Fresh recipes
  10. Osso buco recipes

Perhaps more interesting is the list of questions, which delivered some very curious questions about voting in Australia, while also asking how to win a lottery, how to win a puzzle game, and how to watch one of the more watched final TV seasons. The list in its entirety is

  1. How to vote
  2. How to watch Game of Thrones
  3. How to vote labor 2019
  4. How to vote liberal
  5. How to pronounce psalm
  6. How to vote in NSW State Election
  7. How to vote early
  8. How to win Powerball
  9. How to opt out of my health
  10. How to solve a rubix cube

There are more searches on Google’s blog entry on the whole thing, including top Australian questions such as “Why is Instagram not working”, “Why is Hong Kong protesting”, “What is a boomer”, “What is negative gearing”, even “DIY dog wash”.

If your searches can’t be found under the top searches, well, there’s always next year.

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